How it's done


Accel Plastics is the only source you need to turn your concept into a reality! We are a US-based manufacturing facility specializing in the development and production of superior plastic, thermoformed products.

Our versatile manufacturing and innovative production processes are capable of producing a wide range of products - quite possibly anything you can imagine! With over 20 years experience in plastic  vacuum molding and pressure forming, our in-house industrial designers and toolmakers have the knowlege and expertise to deliver your products with the exceptional precision, quality, and service you expect. Simply contact one of our Project Managers with your concept or prototype and we'll do the rest.


  • Our in-house industrial designers work with your drawings to fine tune your product
  • We then create the prototype from your drawing
  • Our toolmakers create the molds to then form the plastic and produce your creation into a 3-d prototype
  • Our project managers' expertise can then tweak the created prototype to match your specifications
  • We also offer F.A.I., I.S.I.R. studies, product development, design, prototype support, mold making and manufacturing of plastic vacuum molded products

Featured Project

First Step of the plastic making process Step Two of the plastic making process First Three of the plastic making process Step Four of the plastic making process Final Product!

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We've helped thousands of customers successfully deal with the challenge of selecting a plastic material for their applications. If you are interested in learning how we've helped to solve some of our customers' most challenging issues, please contact Accel Plastics at